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Sawing, drying wood processing is an important step in the process of wood processing. Without the technical level and modern facilities, it is difficult to have the products meet the requirements and high quality.
Batch processing: specializes in supplying sawn timber with all specifications according to the order. Round logs are cut into standard specifications as required by each customer. The quality of sawn timber meets the standard, sawed to the right specifications, smooth-beautiful sawn ... Wood after sawing is placed on the suit of thickness, length in accordance with the regulations. It is then dried in a factory or covered area.
Drying: When the wood is finished, the drying time is increased to the thickness of the wood. Wood drying at's factory follows a strict technical process to produce high quality products. has a modern drying system, advanced drying technology with 13 steam dryers, including 08 semi-automatic dryers with the capacity of 30-45 m3 / oven. The dried wood is applied for each drying procedure after drying to 8-12% according to general standard of wood drying. Wood after drying is classified according to standard.

To get the right quality wood and price, most suitable, most economical with the product you are producing, is the right choice of customers.
Through 5 years of operation, has the opportunity and conditions to many factories producing boards, furniture, exterior. with a team of wood consultants has accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience in wood. Come to, customers will be free consultation on characteristics, uses, how to preserve the wood, ... as well as help customers achieve the highest efficiency in the use of raw materials.
With the motto of Customer Satisfaction is our success with the DIFFERENT VALUES!

- Trading in wood materials and accessories.


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