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Specialty Products

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Our intrinsic properties

  • Its pale blond colour blends with all colours used in interiors.
  • It looks great in its natural hues or can be stained to any other colour.
  • In structure it is like typical diffused hard wood.
  • The grain is generally straight or slightly interlocked.
  • Texture is medium coarse.
  • Pattern of wood surface at different planes combined with the characteristic grain and texture gives the timber an attractive appearance.
  • The density is comparable to that of Oak and Teak.
  • Has good binding strength.
  • Being seasoned timber, shrinkage is negligible.

The poetry of working with Soklu Wood Panel Boards

  • Soklu Wood Panel Boards are made using the technique of finger-jointing and edge gluing. Rubber wood logs are sawn to sections. Sawn sections are chemically treated and seasoned under controlled conditions of humidity and temperature.
  • These sections of shorter length are finger jointed to form long lamellas. Lamellas are edge glued to form boards of convenient sizes. This method enables production of solid wood panels, which are far superior to other panel products available today. The panels, available in standard thicknesses varying from 12mm to 40mm and are open invitation to a creative genius.

It’s a pleasure working with Soklu Wood Panel Boards…

  • Easy to saw and the sawn surface is fairly smooth.
  • Easy to machine, plain, turn and mould.
  • Excellent nail holding properties.
  • Excellent gluing characteristics and compatible to all normal industrial adhesives.
  • Excellent bonding strength.
  • Moderate wood bending properties.
  • For a 25mm thick section bending radius is approximately 500mm.
  • Bends are stable after setting.
  • Characteristic texture permits a fine smooth finish.
  • Light colour of timber permits staining in any shade.
  • Environmental friendly chemicals are used for treatment.
  • Lastly, economical in comparison to other commonly available species of timber.

Do’s and Dont’s while storing and handling Soklu Wood Panel Boards…

  • Store the panels in well ventilated godowns.
  • Place the bottom most panel in the stack over stickers of uniform thickness.
  • Cover the stacked panels with polythene/plastic sheets.
  • Transport the panels stacked horizontally. Vertical stacking can cause bending/warping.
  • Apply polish/paint on products made out of laminated panels, apply a coat of sealant even on hidden faces of the furniture, components should be sealed/polished on all faces at the same time.
  • Try and maintain the length of the cut panels more than the width. (length as measured along the grain).
  • Do not use a single panel as a door. Always support it with a frame.
  • Do not use edge laminated panels where it comes in direct contact with water, the glue used is only moderately resistant to water.


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